Monday, October 11, 2010

NTPP Co-Chair Dennis Archer Briefs President Obama

Today, NTPP Co-Chair, BPC board member and former Mayor of Detroit Dennis Archer joined mayors, governors and current and former transportation secretaries for a discussion with President Obama on how best to advance a national infrastructure investment plan. Mayor Archer stressed, as NTPP recommends, that going forward all transportation investments need to be held accountable for demonstrating results toward five national goals: economic growth, national connectivity, metropolitan accessibility, energy security and environmental protection, and safety. This approach would ensure the most “bang for the buck”.

This meeting was complimented by the release of a report from the Treasury Department, An Economic Analysis of Infrastructure Investment concluding that now is the optimal time to invest in public works projects. NTPP’s recommendations concur with the motivations behind this report, such as the need to strengthen America’s global competitiveness, the desire to consolidate transportation programs, the need to reform outdated formula programs, and the desire to focus more on competition, innovation and on the economic benefits of infrastructure investments.

NTPP will continue to be actively engaged in these conversations; given our bipartisan, consensus-driven approach we are a valuable resource to the debate, especially, in what is likely to be, a Republican majority Congress convening in January. The recommendations issued in our 2009 Performance Driven report are highly relevant today, as such we will continue working to ensure that these recommended reforms are incorporated into future legislation.


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